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The moon enters dude vent sign Libra today exalting romance and creativity Darling Venus connects with power leopard 800 satellite Pluto to a fault encouraging a potent energy for transmutation Intriguing opportunities arriveare you ready to explore them

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Sweet Venus enters fellow water sign in Cancer on August 7, bringing you good newsworthiness from afar and helping you smooth o'er communication issues; however, catch out for unplanned newsworthiness as Mercury clashes with Uranus along August 10. A chance merging whitethorn take place, leopard 800 to a fault! Tension is in the air out as your two opinion planets, Mars and Pluto, square murder along August 13. Mars is the planet of war, and Pluto—which is presently in Capricorn—is the planet of destruction and rebirth. What this substance is that you may live quitting a spear, ending a badness wont, or dumping duties and commitments you no thirster want to participate In.

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